“Proudly Re-distributing the wealth of the world
one truckload at a time...”

Take to the Hills! is a Douglas, Arizona based project that collects clothing, food, water, blankets, building supplies, medical supplies, school supplies and other items then delivers them directly to communities in the Sierra Madres, Sierra Alta, Rio Sonora and other regions of northern Mexico. Take to the Hills! is a division of WindTree Ranch. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and supported by private donations and a grant from Paul Newman/Newman’s Own.

1) Take what you don’t need,
2) Put it in your car...
3) Drive it to the people who need it.

If You are interested in donating time or resources please click on Contact Us. If you own a high-clearance 4x4 truck or SUV and want to experience driving in Mexico, consider taking a trip with us...you're guaranteed to come back a different person.

The Sierra Madre mountains run along the eastern and western coasts of Mexico at altitudes between six and eleven thousand feet. It is extremely remote and sparsely populated terrain with small communities connected by some of the most rugged and dangerous roads in the world. The people are generally of mixed and Indigenous blood living on ancestral land in communities of between fifty and one thousand people. The major industries are timber, mining and ranching with a family income averaging around eight dollars a day. Most communities are several hours from any paved road or medical facility and generally without clean water or electricity. The people suffer from high rates of malnutrition and bacteriological diseases, including cholera, which resurfaced in the Eastern Sierra Madres in 1998. Most houses are small, single room dwellings with dirt floors and are constructed with rough timber, adobe, or burnt adobes.

One pickup truck or SUV, packed properly, can carry enough in the way of clothing, school and medical supplies to clothe and help support an entire community. A big difference can be made in just one trip.