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A few words about maps

With the exception of the large inset, the maps included in the insets below are taken from 1:250,000 topographics made by the Mexican National Institute of Statistical Geography and Information. They are the best maps of the area available to the public—and they are, in many cases, wrong. Some roads shown are either washed out or never existed in the first place, and others—many others—are not shown at all. While it’s always possible, it’s generally a mistake to be sure you’re on the road you think you’re on, and it’s best to ask directions from the locals whenever you can.

Please note: the insets are best viewed at 800x600 or better. They also, for the benefit of at least marginal legibility, have large file sizes—between 75 and 150k (40-80 seconds over 28.8)—please be patient.

The large red inset shows a road map of the region, including highland access roads and customs checkpoints. The smaller red insets will give you a better idea of the topography, and treachery, of the interior. Click on the blue inset for a closer look at the highland area and our progress so far.

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Click on an inset for an enlarged view.